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Pneumac Germ Test Seed Germination Tester.

 The ' Tetrazolium Test' or 'Grain Stain as it is sometimes known is used as the standard in many countries. 

Testing malting barley for a viable germ has never been simpler. This cost-effective solution has been developed in conjunction with end users to meet the need for fast turn-round testing in one space efficient unit .

The thermostatically controlled test vessel maintains 40±2°C using negligible power. The thermostat is limited to 50°C so that overheating of the test salts is not possible. One button of the control unit allows temporary energisation of the vacuum pump whilst the other button allows evacuation or venting of the test vessel. Once evacuated, the efficient vacuum seals maintain negative pressure throughout the test.

The vacuum pump is small, very quiet, requires no oil and is virtually maintenance-free. It takes about 5 seconds to achieve its max 25”Hg (850 mbar). It is supplied with sufficient pipe-work and cable to allow under-bench mounting.

Simultaneous testing of both sample halves. 
At least SIX sample tests with independent start times can be conducted together. 
Process temperature continuously monitored in the test vessel. 
Powered via a single 5 amp fused plug 
Quiet vacuum pump can be sited away from work surface 
A control unit allows simple evacuation of the test vessel to 850 mbar 
Extremely economical and efficient 350 watt heater module.
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